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At de Boer Lab our research focuses on plant identification using molecular barcoding. DNA barcoding and metabarcoding have a huge potential for biodiversity, conservation, and monitoring of trade in plantgenetic resources for pharmaceutical manufacturing, horticulture and tropical timber trade. We work with molecular identification of processed plant products in trade, specifically of medicinal plant species susceptible to adulteration, overharvested and endangered taxa, and monitoring of cross-border trade in CITES-listed species. We use mainly high-throughput sequencing for metabarcoding of complex mixtures and target-enrichment sequencing for phylogenomics.

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DNA Metabarcoding

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Biodiversity: Multiple origins of mountain life

Alex Antonelli from the University of Gothenburg reviews our Nature paper on endemism on Mount Kinabalu: Mount Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo, is the tallest peak between the Himalayas and New Guinea, and like other tropical mountains it is a biodiversity hotspot, containing many endemic species isolated by altitude. These authors investigate the evolutionary origins of such biodiversity by sampling the entire biota from Mount Kinabalu, including frogs, insects, arachnids, snails, leeches, mosses, flowering plants, ferns, and fungi.

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