Hunting for traditional food in social media

ScienceNordic covers our publication on pitcher plants: Bornean carnivorous plants are on the menu of local tribes who steam them with sticky rice.

"I had never ever heard of the Nepenthes pitchers being used as food before," says ethnobotanist Hugo de Boer from the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo. "Older sources reported ceremonial use of Nepenthes plants, but not for other purposes." Nepenthes is a family of carnivorous plants native to Asia and Australia, with the largest distribution on the islands Sumatra and Borneo. De Boer and his fellow researchers were originally looking into how climate change would affect highland Nepenthes species, when they stumbled upon information that some species were used for food.

Published: Feb. 10, 2016
By: Hugo de Boer