Seethapathy GS

Seethapathy GS

I am interested in the study of medicinal drugs derived from natural sources. This research field, pharmacognosy, is an interdisciplinary science that encapsulates fields such as ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, natural product chemistry, drug discovery, bioprospecting, and intellectual property rights.

Apart from my main core research on medicinal plants, I also have great interest in the study of ‘Scientometrics’. Broadly, I am interested in learning about academic journals and scholarly publication and also the ‘Open Access Movement’. More specifically, I address socio-ethical issues concerning motivation and economy of 'Open access journals' and the so called 'Predatory journals'.

Metabolomics and DNA barcoding of medicinal plants

In the context of ongoing cultural, ecological and socio-economical changes and also abandonment of traditional customs, there is a decline in traditional medicinal practices. To document traditional knowledge of medicinal plant species and to validate herbal formulations by various health care professionals in India. In this project, we aim to document the medicinal plants used by various ethnic groups reside in different ecological and cultural traditions in India. In parallel, we aim to use analytical techniques in metabolomics analysis to get new understanding for the choice of these plants in traditional medicine, to identify as well as to isolate natural products of importance for the medicinal use, and to employ DNA barcoding and high-throughput sequencing for identification of species. The project will focus on both economically important medicinal plants as well as lesser known species.

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Hugo de Boer

Helle Wangensteen 

Berit Smestad Paulsen



Tags: Plant DNA barcoding , Phylogenetics , Secondary metabolites , DNA barcoding , Ethnobotany , Ethnopharmacology , Molecular identification , Medicinal plants , Molecular authentication , Pharmacovigilance , Traditional Medicine , Pharmacognosy



India's scientific publication in predatory journals: need for regulating quality of Indian science and education

Seethapathy GS , Santhosh Kumar, J. U., Hareesha, A. S.

CurrentScience, 111(11), 1759.

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Assessing product adulteration in natural health products for laxative yielding plants, Cassia, Senna, and Chamaecrista, in Southern India using DNA barcoding

Seethapathy GS , Ganesh, D., Kumar, J. U. S., Senthilkumar, U., Newmaster, S. G., Ragupathy, S., Uma Shaanker R., Ravikanth, G.

International journal of legal medicine, 129(4), 693-700.

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nrDNA ITS sequence based SCAR marker to authenticate Aconitum heterophyllum and Cyperus rotundus in Ayurvedic raw drug source and prepared herbal products

Seethapathy GS , Balasubramani, S. P., Venkatasubramanian, P.

Food chemistry, 145, 1015-1020.

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