Yingzi Ju

Yingzi Ju

I’m a master student at Uppsala university specializing in genetics and molecular plant sciences. At the de Boer Lab, I’m doing my research training and MSc research with Sarina Veldman.

The objective of my research project is to compare different extraction methods for medicinal plant samples. As we know, the ingredients of medicinal products may come from different kind of plant tissues, like roots, leaves, seeds, barks, twigs and tubers. Some substrates are particularly challenging to extract and amplify DNA from, such as bark, wood, and hard roots. As DNA extraction is always very important for many further studies, it is quite necessary to find an effective DNA extraction method. My research is focusing on four different methods: CTAB method, PVP method, PTB method and DNeasy mini plant Kit to see which one is better for use.

My master project is to recognize the scientific species of Tanzanian medicinal plant. In Tanzanian, every medicinal product has a local name, and most often people who sold these products do not know the exact scientific name of these species. Sometimes they will name one product based on the function, however, there may have several species share the same medicinal function and then share the same local name. On the other hand, people who collect medicinal plants mainly collect them based on their experiences. This fact may result that sometimes they may mistakenly recognize two different species as one because of the similar morphogen. Therefore, one medicinal product may contain several different scientific species or one scientific species may have several names. Therefore, in my master project I will try to determine how many scientific species it may contain for one ethnospecie, or maybe how many local names one species may have.

Tags: Plant DNA barcoding , Biodiversity , Secondary metabolites , DNA barcoding , Ethnobotany , Medicinal plants , Molecular authentication , Traditional Medicine , Molecular taxonomy


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